Q1: Why can't I find a product on your online store when I see it on your social media pages?

Currently, our online store does not represent all of the inventory that The Rare Pair offers. If you see a product you like on our social media sites and cannot find it on our online store, please call us and we can do the order via phone. 

Q2: How does curbside pick-up work? How do I pay?

The Rare Pair has staff in the store Monday - Saturday 10:30 - 2:30. To buy items and utilize curbside pick up just follow a few simple steps. First, call The Rare Pair and tell them what item you would like to purchase. The Rare Pair staff will ring up your item and take your payment method via the phone. They will give you a time frame where you can pull up in-front of the store, and they will run your purchase out to you. 

 Q3: I bought an item online, but when I received it I changed my mind. What is the policy for shipping and returns?

For information on The Rare Pair's shipping and return policy, please reference the policies here: Shipping Policy & Return Policy